Mr LP Cheah MBBS(Hons 1st) FRACS MRCS( England)

Dr LP Cheah is an experienced Specialist General Surgeon and Endoscopist who has performed over 20,000 procedures. He graduated from the University of Melbourne as the top medical student (winning 23 awards and prizes) and completed his surgical training in both England and Australia. He created Melbourne Surgery in 2006 when he became a consultant general surgeon. When he was a young consultant, Dr Cheah was one of the busiest surgeon working in public hospitals in Victoria by case numbers.

Making An Appointment

Please ring the rooms directly for an appointment. A referral letter from your general practitioner is required. Please bring along all the relevant results of tests already performed(eg Ultrasound/CT films and copy of the radiology reports or blood test results). For patients who have seen Dr LP Cheah before, a new referral is needed if it has been more than 12 months since the date of the original referral letter. Interstate and overseas patients are welcome.

Special Interests

  1. Hernia repairs using mini-incision without muscle paralysis - Inguinal , Anterior abdominal wall (Paraumbilical , Laparoscopic port sites, Epigastric), Femoral(over 2000 +cases)
  2. Minor Plastic Surgery - Skin cancers, Cysts, Lipomas, Lumps, Moles(6000+ cases)
  3. Endoscopy - Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy & banding of haemorrhoids, Capsule Endoscopy(10 000 + procedures)
  4. Pilonidal sinus surgery - using mini-incisions (600+ cases)
  5. Haemorrhoids - Banding, Surgery, Ligation/Plication(2000+ cases)
  6. Ingrown toenail - wedge resection(500+)
  7. Vasectomy- scalpel free technique(400+)
  8. Hand surgery - Carpal tunnel release, Ganglion, Dupuytren's Contracture
  9. General Surgery - Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Breast Surgery(lump, breast cancer, inverted nipple, gynaecomastia), Thyroid Surgery, Bowel surgery, Anal fissure/fistula, Perianal abscess, Melanoma Surgery, Circumcision

Locations & contact details

The Clinic Footscray

1st Floor, 91 Paisley Street, Footscray 3011
Tel: 9687 2271
Fax: 9689 6008
Wednesdays 8:15am-2:30pm

John Fawkner Private Hospital Consulting Rooms

1st Floor, 267 Moreland Road,
Coburg 3058
Tel: 9385 2285
Fax: 9386 9763
Mondays 1-5pm Saturday 9-1pm monthly

Western Skin Institute 

378 Main Road West,
St Albans 3021
Tel: 9367 6648 / 0452 516 863

Mitcham Private Hospital - Consulting Suites

23 Doncaster East Rd, Mitcham 3132
Tel: 9210 3146 Monday & Friday
(For direct access gastroscopy/colonoscopy & banding of haemorrhoids - please fax REFERRAL FORM to 9689 6008)

Goonawarra Medical Centre

1-5 Dornoch Drive, Sunbury 3429
Tel: 9744 9999
Thursday/ monthly

Western Private Hospital

1-9 Marion St, Footscray, VIC 3011
Tel: 9318 3177
Tuesdays - Operating lists only

Western Gastroenterology

30 Eleanor St, Footscray
Tel: 9318 3399
Wednesday monthly 

Echuca Hospital Rooms

Kinsey House, 25 Francis St, Echuca 3564
Tel: 5485 5866 Fax: 5485 5885

Anla Laser Skin Clinics

37 Westwood Drive, Ravenhall 3023
(cnr Vanessa Drive)
T: 0452 516 863