Patient Problems

Problems Mr LP Cheah commonly sees include: 

  •  Rectal bleeding including haemorrhoids; positive faecal occult blood test(FOBT); screening for bowel cancer; perianal pain; diverticular disease
  • Pilonidal sinus disease 
  • Hernias - inguinal hernia, umbilical/paraumbilical/anterior abdominal wall hernia, incisional hernia(including hernias at laparoscopic port sites), hernia seen on ultrasound; groin pain
  • Gallstones
  • Skin cancers - squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer, melanoma; precancerous skin condition such as solar keratoses and elastoses
  • Lumps on the skin or under the skin
  • Vasectomy, Circumcision, Scrotal cyst, Varicocele
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Breast lump, nipple discharge, breast pain/mastalgia, breast cancer
  • Inverted nipple  - Surgical eversion 
  • Thyroid - Goitre, nodule seen on ultrasound, tumour, thyroid cancer
  • Varicose vein, leg ulcers, ischaemic toe